Building your business is a journey. We work hard to reduce the bumps in the road to building your business space. Whether you come to Elite to create a retail shop out of a new business park empty space or to completely renovate an existing space inside a busy mall, you can count on Elite to provide superb service and craftsmanship.


Starbucks projects are exciting and fast paced. They demand the best from everyone. They need fast turnaround, excellence in contracting quality and strict adherence to the budget. Starbucks locations are often found in busy malls or bustling business buildings. WHO is working on the job is as important as HOW well the job is done. That’s why Starbucks partners with Elite Commercial Contracting in the Pacific Northwest. They count on Elite workers to be cordial, neat, and presentable (our logo shirts make sure everyone knows when Elite is on the job). Elite teams are not only excellent craftsmen, they are ambassadors for our clients. Their behavior, demeanor, and civility create a foundation of goodwill for our clients with neighbors, other businesses, and employees who must work with us during open-for-business renovations.


When Safeway needs to give a store a major renovation inside and out, they call Elite. We create safe, clean work-arounds so customers can continue to shop while a new facade is mounted outside or a fresh renovation brightens up the product section. Safeway counts on the Elite team to make customers pleased to meet them and happy to make accommodations while the work is completed. Our attitude, courtesy and flexibility (we can work wonders while your customers sleep!) ensures success when you need to stay or open for business during a renovation or expansion.


Construction companies know they can count on Elite to fill their overflow needs. Our teams complement their staff and get the job done on-time and on-budget. We work hard to make you look good. If your company needs additional support for a commercial contracting job, please contact Rob or Joe to discuss your needs. We can promise you the best team in the business and a hard quote for services without wasting your time.